hoalg_broc_lobbyThe Levitt Group has been involved with over 30,000 residential units in the Los Angeles area. We are committed to quality, professionalism, timely turnaround and up-to-the minute knowledge of building codes, fire and life safety rules, and architectural requirements. The Levitt Group is a full-service architectural firm with a speciality focused on homeowner association plan reviews.

The Levitt Group’s review services assist building managers, homeowners’ associations, and the residents of condominium buildings. Building managers and homeowner associations hire us to be their watchdog for maintaining the associations’ interests. The Levitt Group is charged to aid in the design and remodeling of homeowners’ projects, and to recommend options in the initial stages of construction that will benefit the long term durability of the structure. The Levitt Group’s background allows them to accomplish plan reviews in a cost effective manner.

The Levitt Group conducts an initial pre-construction meeting with the owner and their design team. We have a 35-point checklist that includes concerns that the homeowners’ association should have. We help to clarify the scope of a remodel, set the requirements for the project, and assist designers and architects on the state and city code requirements regarding condominium projects.

The Levitt Group is current on Fire and Life Safety rules as well as other code requirements. We conduct field reviews throughout the process.

The Levitt Group expedites homeowner association plan reviews efficently. Our turnaround on the reviews are two to three days after plan submittals.

The Levitt Group is concerned about the acoustics in high-rise buildings and recommends going beyond existing acoustical standards to ensure acoustical protection for building residents.
This eliminates acoustical impacts inherent in current high-rise construction. Higher acoustical quality results in higher resale values and a better quality of living.